Queer ADHD
Coaching Group

Complex Identities, Creatively Thriving

Our life experiences are complex - so let's embrace your queer and neurodivergent identities and leverage your unique strenghts while navigating the challenges.

Life can get messy, we all juggle a lot, often feeling like we are not enough. This group let's you show up as you are. No need for perfection or hiding your identity. Together we will tap into creativity, passion, and big picture thinking while finding helpful ways to structure and support your executive functioning.

A space for you to:

  • Embrace your neurodiversity and thrive in a holistic way
  • Learn how to strenghten executive functioning with somatic tools
  • Be creative and create systems that actually work for you
  • Get empowered in the community of other queer ADHDers

5 weeks of fabulous support

Not a course, not a class, no pre-cut formulas. Lasting growth through Coaching in a Group Settings. 

Virtual Meetings.

We meet virtually over Zoom once a week for 90 minutes, leveraging the flexibility and comfort of online meetings to foster a sense of community, reduce sensory overload, and accommodate diverse attention styles.

Neurodiverse LGBTQIAP+

A group for LGBTQIAP+ people from various intersectional queer communities. You are welcome with your neurodiversity, whether you are diagnosed or self-diagnosed with ADHD. Whether you have other neurodiversities as well or not.  

Small Group Size

Our small group size of 3-6 participants per group gives you the space to recieve personal support while learning in the community of others.

Joy Zalzala-Soyka - Portrait Photo

About Your Coach

Joy Zalzala-Soyka - Neurodiverse and Queer Friendly Life Coach

Hi, I am Joy. As a trained ADHD Life Coach and being neurodiverse myself, I understand both the gifts and struggles that come with ADHD and other neurodivergent wiring.

My mission is to empower individuals with complex experiences to find clarity within themselves and act courageously in their life. I coach people to overcome fears of failure, reconnect with inner guidance, and craft practical steps to achieve their goals.

As a queer migrant mom, I love to travel, advocate for social justice, and am a pet-loving nerd.

Next group starts:

Tuesday, March 19th 2024, 19:00 BLN time

Time & Dates

5 weekly meetings, 90 min each
on Tuesdays: March 19th & 26th, April 2nd, 9th &16th

Meeting Time is 19:00 Berlin time.

That is 18:00 in London, and 12pm in New York. 


250€ total

Joy Zalzala-Soyka - Portrait Photo

Reserve your Spot!

Space is limited for the Queer ADHD Coaching Group, so sign up below to recieve the registration information. 

At evolve.how you receive
non-normative, trans* affirming, antiracist, body positive, neurodiverse and trauma informed support.

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