Activate your Inner Magnet

In recent coaching sessions, two interconnected experiences have been coming up frequently that you may relate to as well:

1. Feeling scattered and stretched thin across different places, tasks, relationships and roles. Like parts of you are left active everywhere you go, making it difficult to feel present, whole and grounded.

2. Sensing many external demands and other people’s expectations pulling at you from all directions. You seem to be constantly responding to others and wish to feel centered again. 

To address these challenges I want to share a visualization practice with you. Feel free to customize it, using images that speak to you. 

Start by finding a comfortable seated position and taking a few deep breaths. Place your hands on your belly, symbolizing your center, and allow yourself to feel into the present moment.

Now, imagine an inner magnet residing within you. This magnet is  capable of attracting what is yours and repelling what is not. As you continue to breathe deeply, envision activating this magnet.

With each inhale, feel the magnetic force pulling back scattered energy from all the places, tasks, relationships, and roles where fragments of yourself are dispersed. Visualize these scattered parts returning to your center, like pieces of a puzzle clicking into place.

As you exhale, envision a protective buffer forming around you, created by the magnetic field. This buffer shields you from external demands and expectations, allowing you to create space for yourself and engage with others from a centered place.

Take a moment to bask in the feeling of wholeness and groundedness that comes from aligning with your inner magnet. Know that you have the power to reclaim your center and set boundaries that honor your needs and priorities.

When you feel ready, gently bring your awareness back to the present moment. Carry this sense of empowerment with you as you navigate your day, knowing that you can always return to your inner magnet for guidance and support.

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