Believe in yourself

Believe in yourself. Believe, that you are able to achieve whatever you want. Especially in times of contrast. Sometimes the path that we take to reach our desires is not so clear to us. What you want and what steps you think should come next, might be shaped by some limiting beliefs you are currently holding. And the path to match your true desire might take a different form than you expect. The past weeks have been quite a rocky ride for me and my family. On the one hand my partner and I were inspired by some big desires for change in the upcoming winter. We wanted to move away from Berlin.  On the other hand there was lots of contrast arising. The most plausible path to relief seemed: get a break, go on vacation, let go of the need to figure this out now and let the answers unfold from a place of calm and excitement (my desired feelings, yay!) . We were offered a great gift of money to take a trip, yet somehow we could not get ourselves to book a vacation. At times it felt like we were trapped in contrast and not moving forward at all. Now here is where it becomes interesting to take a closer look at what was happening instead. I had a major breakthrough on a parenting issue. I was able to identify and change a belief that has caused major drama – and which i have been unsuccessfully approaching from a completely different angle in the past. This kind of happened uneventful, with easy and in an unsuspected moment. And suddenly our habits majorly changed. We are the kind of family who spends all day outside. We have a big stroller equipped with everything we need for the day to just let us drift to the places we want to enjoy. And now? We love to stay at home. When we do leave, we go out for a short trip with nothing but a drink. We play at a playground, we visit the park with our dog, have a coffee and then go back home. Our children nap at home instead of the stroller, something my three year old has never really been able to do before. We are leaving baggage behind. We are decluttering our home. The path we are taking here is not fully clear to me. Yet there are things unfolding that prepare us to embrace the desire for calm and excitement from a broader perspective than a quick fix vacation. So in times when it seems like you are not moving towards your goal, take a broader look. Be open to notice the details of what is unfolding for you in unexpected places. Learn from any contrast that may arise. The universe is on your side. There might be things to be done and experiences to be had, before we are ready to receive what we want in the purest sense of our desire. The universe may deliver you opportunities of growth, which you could not even have asked for at this point. From the broader perspective this greatly speeds up the process of reaching what you truly want – even if it means you are not manifesting the intermediate goal you had in mind. Believe in yourself and your desires. The universe is on your side. _____ I wrote this story in August 2014. Isn't it amazing that now, two years later, I left Berlin and am now traveling the world with my family full-time? Of course we still encounter contrast and insecurities, so this is an everlasting reminder to believe in myself.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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