How to do a reality check.

A client described how much she loves meditating and that it fuels her desires to take new paths in life. Yet she says “reality” always catches up with her and then her wishes seem silly or out of place. In this case “reality” is a society with clear norms, expectation, a legal framework and financial expectations. So many of us experience these outside circumstances as limitations and we take it as a reason for not feeling good – as a reason not to believe in and follow our true self. Are outside circumstances the reality of our life? Is that, which we feel during meditation, which we enjoy, while painting pretty pictures in our minds, which we feel while indulge in our dreams … is that not reality? When you withdraw from the outside and meditate and feel even the slightest connection to your inner being – that is a real moment. When you take a look at your current situation from a new perspective and feel optimism as a result – that is a real feeling. When you follow your inspiration and feel happy – that is real! Our thoughts and feelings are our tools of creating our reality. When you start following your heart, you will be greeted by a different reality than the one you currently experience. A reality that inspires you and makes you laugh. A reality with possibilities, that you might not have even dreamed of. A reality. where you might experience difficult situations – these can challenge you, yet the knowlege of your true self will always guide you to the right answers. If you aren’t satisfied with your current “reality”, then treat yourself to some small and big moments in which you “escape” and simply feel good – no matter what the outside circumstances say. Allow yourself to feel good, and who knows, maybe as soon as tomorrow the “real life” will offer you unexpected reasons to feel good as well.

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